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          St. John’s is a vibrant parish with many opportunities for you to become involved. Each of our organizations offers the chance to develop friendships, grow spiritually, help others in our church and larger community, and to support our beautiful parish.

          Contact the pastor or any organization member for more information on how to join. Contact us
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HNS Who We Are
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Who We Are: A group of men dedicated to our savior, Jesus Christ. We come together for both spiritual and social purposes.

What We Are About: We hope to encourage men to deepen their relationship with Jesus, and through good Catholic example, both religious and social, enrich themselves and their families.

Who We Serve: Our membership of parish men, while serving as a social and spiritual group, also serves the Parish community at large through its various fundraising and human concern activities.

What We Do: Provide for meaningful opportunities in religious retreats, pray the Rosary at a deceased members wake, and other religious services (including attendance at the 9:00 A.M. Liturgy as a group prior to meetings); social activities where men of the parish and their families can come together within a Catholic environment.

We Meet: The second Sunday of September thru June following the 9:00 A.M. Liturgy. Meetings are held in the Church Undercroft. No meetings are held during the months of July and August. Dues are $10.00 per year. There is no requirement for attending meetings or functions, but all are encouraged to do so as often as they can. Meetings last about 1 hour and include coffee and donuts.

We Welcome Members: All men of the Parish—single, married, or widowed—are encouraged to join the Holy Name Society. Our group is a member of the National Holy Name Society.

Why We Do It: We have dedicated ourselves to our faith, our families, and our Parish.

For More Information: Please Contact:
President::Mike Clark 468-2998    Corr. Sec'y  Ed Shewchuk    487-0938
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Father Mykhaylo Dosyak 2010 Spiritual Director 478-5109
Mike Clark 1993 President 468-2998
Vasyl Grabovyy   Vice President  
Fred Bush 1998 Treasurer 458-4381
George Chuposka 1996 Financial Secretary 469-4330
Steve Suche 1994 Recording Secretary 487-8174
Paul Straka 1993 Marshall 673-2763
Marian Kohut 1961 Marshall 476-8498


President: Adria Ripka
Vice President: Stephanie Woyciesjes
Treasurer: Mary Ann Husak
Treasure Assistant: Karen Long
Recording Secretary: Lesia Nowey
Corresponding Secretary: Linda Wisnowski
Comptroller: Debbie Galvin


      The Apostleship of Prayer is a worldwide association of Catholics founded at Vals, France on 1844, who strive to make their ordinary, everyday lives apostolically effective. They do this by offering themselves and everything they do each day in union with Christ's sacrifice in the Liturgy. They thereby cooperate with Jesus in His mission of bringing salvation to everyone.

      The formation of the Apostleship of Prayer at St. John's took place on May 24, 1924 by Very Rev. Leo Levitsky.

      The Apostleship of Prayer offers its members a program of spirituality:

      The Eucharist and the Daily Offering - Holy Sacrifice of the Liturgy. This is what is meant by the Daily Offering. This Daily Offering is not merely a prayer but is a conversion of the whole of one's life- thoughts, acts and sufferings into a continual prayer in union with the Heart of Jesus' continual prayer for the salvation of every human being.

      The Sacred Heart Devotion - Members use, as their motivation for living apostolic lives, God's love for them as expressed in the pierced Heart of Jesus. This Heart is the symbol of God's love for all humanity. Members consecrate themselves to Jesus and renew this consecration in the Daily Offering.

      Devotion to the Blessed Mother- The Mother of God plays an active role in our salvation and sanctification. When we make our Daily Offering, we offer our lives A Through an Immaculate Heart of Mary, a reminder to identify ourselves with her spirit and her virtues. We are encouraged to pray the rosary.

      Loyal Concern for the Church & Charity - Church is the Body of Christ. Through it, He carries on His saving mission. We volunteer our services for some apostolic activity when we can, and make our Daily Offering for the intentions of the Holy Father. In this way, we help our Church to save and sanctify the world.

      A Spirit of Prayer- salvation can be won only through God's grace. All Christians are called on to share in the work of salvation; they are, of necessity called on to pray for this grace.

What we do

      We meet the FIRST Sunday of each month from September thru June and pray the Rosary prior to the 9:00AM liturgy. We also meet the first Fridays of the month with rosary recitation prior to the Liturgy; offering Liturgies for the Holy Father's monthly intentions plus Liturgies for deceased members of the Apostleship of Prayer and their spouses and Apostleship of Prayer members thorughout the world and their families.

      Meetings are held periodically through-out the year for all member after the Apostleship Sunday liturgy.

      Due's are $10.00 per year.
      There is no requirement for attending meetings or functions, but all are encouraged to do so.

Annual Events (Currently Scheduled):

      Bread Baking - Christmas
      Bread Baking - Easter

      Members are asked to participate during Church services during Holy Week
      Stand Vigil at the grave during Easter
      Apostleship Sunday - Rosary prior to 9:00AM liturgy
      Coffee Hour after ALL liturgies
      Collection for charitable organization
      Festival Bake Booth - Baking & Manning
      Wine & Cheese Event - Hosting
      Assist the parish whenever called upon.

We offer a group rosary at wakes of members and stand guard with lighted candles at the member's coffin during burial services in church.

      Visit sick and homebound members.
      Apostleship of Prayer
      2016 - 2018 Officers

      Pastor & Spiritual Director: Rev. Mykhaylo Dosyak

      Deborah Halligan - President
      Adria Ripka - Vice President
      Stephanie Woyciesjes - Recording Secretary
      Linda Wisnowski - Corresponding Secretary
      Mary Ann Husak - Treasurer / Director
      Karen Long- Treasurer's Assistant
      Renata Guzelak- Comptroller

Mothers In Prayer
The MOTHERS IN PRAYER, under the spiritual leadership of Father Volodymyr Piso, is a group of women, who are compelled to pray in a special way for their children. Olya Peleshko functions as the president of the organization. “Through their prayers for the children of the world, the mothers also have been blessed and have experienced a great peace.” Members meet in a monthly basis to pray the Rosary and have a social fellowship with parishioners. Members also show their support in several of the parish events – dinners, the Festival and many others.

Mothers in Prayers

Mothers In Prayer Logo       Mothers in Prayers was originally formed in England in November 1995, by two grand mothers, Veronica and her sister- in- law Sandra. They felt compelled by the Lord to pray in a special way for their children. They felt that they should bring all the pain and the worries they had for their children to Him and to trust in His words 'Ask and you will receive'.

      Through this promise, they understood that the Lord is just waiting to take away pain and to bless and heal them and their children when they come to Him in Faith.

      Through their prayers for the children of the world, the mothers also have been blessed and have experienced a great peace. Today Mothers of Pray groups can be found in over 100 countries, with the approval, support and blessing of Christian leaders of all denominations.

      If you are interested in becoming a member of the Mothers of Prayer in our parish,
please contact current president,

Olya Peleshko 416-9144, president,
Father Volodymyr Piso, Spiritual Advisor.
for more information.

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“Амінь, Я кажу вам, як ви зробили одному з найменших цих братів Моїх менших, то ви зробили Мені”. (Mт.25:40)

Mercy       In September 2013, Our Lady of Mercy Ministry at St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church, Syracuse, NY will celebrate 16 years in existence as a parish ministry to the sick and homebound. The success of the ministry may be attributed to the numerous individuals who have participated in the development of the ministry. We must first recognize the grace of the Holy Spirit that has provided us with wise and diligent clergy who have actively supported and participated; from our former pastors: Very Rev. Jeffery Rodeghero, who initiated the ministry in 1997 and guided it during the first four years, Very Rev. Ivan Kaczczak, and Rev. Robert Batcho. Assistant pastors, former Rev. Deacon Dr. Myron Kotch to our current clergy: Rev. Mykhaylo Dosyak, Very Rev. Volodymyr Piso and Deacon Edward Galvin.

      У вересні 2013 року, Our Lady of Mercy Ministry, Української Католицької Церкви Святого Івана Христителя, у Сиракюзах, Нью-Йорк, святкуватиме 16 років свого існування, як група людей з парафії, які відвідують хворих і немічних, які не виходять з дому. Успіх цього проекту належить численним особам, які брали участь у розробці цього проекту. Ми повинні перш за все визнати благодать Святого Духа, яка надала нам мудрих і старанних духовних осіб, які активно підтримували і брали участь, - наших колишніх парохів: протоієрея Jeffery Rodeghero, який ініціював цю програму в 1997 році і керував нею протягом перших чотирьох років, протоієрея Ivanа Kaczczakа, і всечесного o. Robertа Batcho. Покійного диякона доктора Myronа Kotch, і до нашого сьогоднішнього духовенства: всечесного о. Mykhaylа Dosyak, протоієрея Volodymyrа Piso, і диякона Edwardа Galvin.

      Our faithful volunteer parishioners who comprise the ministry have been a loving and caring presence to the ill and homebound parish family members. These former and current ministry members: Tom Bocon, George Chuposka, Jaroslawa Gudziak, Sophie Haahr, Christina and Heinrich Huegerich, Julie Hulchanski, Helen and Larry Lemanczyk, William Lischak, Jennie Marko, Connie Roberts, Mary Seliuk, Paul Straka, Mary Ann and Steve Suche, Ed and Patricia Shewchuk, Mary Swift, Olga Yewchuk, and Helen Zebrowski, on a regular basis, have traveled willingly with priests throughout the greater Syracuse and outlying areas to provide the corporal and spiritual works of mercy to our homebound who reside there.

      Наші вірні парафіяни-добровольці, які належать до Our Lady of Mercy Ministry є люблячими і турботливими до хворих і членів парафії які не виходять з дому через свою старість і немічність. Ці колишні і нинішні члени Our Lady of Mercy Ministry: Tom Bocon, George Chuposka, Jaroslawa Gudziak, Sophie Haahr, Christina and Heinrich Huegerich, Julie Hulchanski, Helen and Larry Lemanczyk, William Lischak, Jennie Marko, Connie Roberts, Mary Seliuk, Paul Straka, Mary Ann and Steve Suche, Ed and Patricia Shewchuk, Mary Swift, Olga Yewchuk, and Helen Zebrowski, на регулярній основі, охоче подорожували і подорожують із священиками по Сиракюзах і по його віддалених районах, щоб забезпечити як тілесні, так і духовні потреби милосердя для наших самітних парафіян, які проживають там.

      In addition to the Holy Confession and Eucharist with prayers, during our Christmas visitations, beautiful poinsettia plants and cookies are distributed. With our January visitations Jordan holy water, church calendars and prayer cards have been distributed. In keeping with our Ukrainian Easter tradition, for the past 16 years, our faithful volunteers have contributed all ingredients, baked and decorated paskas which are then blest by our Pastor along with traditional willow branches that are taken to each family member visited. During our Thanksgiving visitations, we distribute sweet breads and/or cookies which are prepared and baked by our team members.

      На додаток до Святої Сповіді та Євхаристії з молитвою, під час наших відвідин в часі Різдва, ділимося красивими poinsettias та здобним печивом. В час Йордану, в січні, приносимо Свячену Воду, церковні календарі та образочки. Відповідно до нашої української традиції Великодня, протягом останніх 16 років, наші члени пекли і печуть Паски, які потім благословляє Парох, поряд з традиційними галузками верби, з якими і відвідуємо наших людей. Під час наших відвідин до Дня Подяки, ми роздаємо солодкий банановий хліб або печиво, які готуються і печуться членами нашої команди.

      To help make our shut-ins feel special, we celebrate birthdays with singing “Mnohaya Lita”, and small remembrances and/or prayer cards. Recently, one of our long-time homebound parishioners celebrated her 100th birthday. She was taken to church for the Liturgy and presented with a beautiful corsage after which a meal prepared and served by the ministry members, along with birthday cake, was enjoyed by our birthday lady, her relatives, and all parishioners who attended this mile- stone birthday celebration.

      Щоб допомогти зробити для наш хворих і самотніх відчувати себе особливими і потрібними для громади, ми святкуємо дні народження з співом "Многая Літа", і малі спогади і / або молитовні святкові картки з підписами парафіян, щоб вони знали що їх знають і пам'ятають. Нещодавно одна із наших давніх парафіян, яка не виходить з дому, відсвяткувала свій 100-річний ювілей. Вона була доставлена в храм на Літургію, де їй подарували квіти, після чого запросили на вечерю, яку приготували і подавали наші члени, поряд з тортом до Дня Народження. Hасолоджувалися цією нагодою як старенька жінка, так і її родичі разом з усіма парафіянами, присутніми на цьому святкуванні.

       “Boh Predvichny” or “Christos Voskres”, beautiful traditional Ukrainian hymns are sung with/or to our shut-ins at the proper season.

      "Бог Предвічний" або "Христос Воскрес", красиві традиційні українські гимни співаються з / або для наших лежачих хворих в належному сезоні.

      During our visitations, the homebound are encouraged to pray for others in the parish who are ill and/or homebound and for all parish family members as we their parish family in turn pray for them and their caregivers.

       Під час наших відвідин, ті перестарілі і самотні, що не виходять з дому, для них рекомендується молитися за інших в нашій громаді, які хворі і / або в немочах лежать в домі, і за всіх членів парафіяльної родини, як ми у свою чергу, молимося за них, за їх опікунів, та в їх намір.

      Alice Malick, Coordinator of the Ministry since its inception in September 1997 was given special permission in January 2007 by His Excellency, Most Reverend Paul P. Chomnycky, OSBM, Bishop of the Eparchy of Stamford, to become an Extraordinary Minister of the Holy Eucharist to the Sick and Homebound. This is a rare privilege for a lay minister in the Ukrainian Catholic Church, and Alice feels very humbled and blest by this awesome appointment.

      Олеся Мельник (Alice Malick), координатор для Our Lady of Mercy Ministry, з моменту створення у вересні 1997 року, і потім у січні 2007 року, їй було дано спеціальний дозвіл, Його Преосвященством, Paul P. Chomnycky, OSBM, Єпископом Стемфордської Єпархії, щоб стати Extraordinary Minister of the Holy Eucharist to the Sick and Homebound. Це рідкісний, і на даний час одинокий привілей для парафіянки в Українській Католицькій Церкві. Олеся відчуває на собі велику відповідальність як перед Богом і Церквою, так і перед людьми, з приводу цього надзвичайного благословення.

      We pray to Almighty God that Our Lady of Mercy Ministry will continue to flourish successfully for many more years as part of the fabric that embraces St. John’s parish.

      Ми молимо Всемогутнього Бога, Богоматір Милосердя, яка є заступницею Our Lady of Mercy Ministry, яке буде продовжувати процвітати успішно ще багато років, як частина парафії, яка є гордістю нашої українсько-американської громади Св. Івана Христителя в Сиракюзах, США.

Alice Malick - Олеся Мельник

Добрий Самарянин.

      Вітаємо всіх парафіян та новоприбулих українців на Богослужіннях в нашій Парафії!

Pastor Mykhaylo Dosyak with members of Good Samaritan
Pastor Mykhaylo Dosyak with members of Good Samaritan.
      Запрошуємо всіх записуватися і ставати членами нашої парафії, i сподіваємося, що тут ви спасете свої дyші, та знайдете свій другий дім i добрих друзів. Після кожної Недільної Служби Божої маємо можливість випити філіжанку запашної, гарячої кави, та поспілкуватись на рідній мові про радісне і наболіле…

      Якщо вам необхідна допомога в облаштуванні житла, будь-ласка, звертайтеся до Орисі Дупляк Бакин (315) 882-2838 або Мар’яни Масної (315) 308-5422

      Шановні Парафіяни, якщо у вас є речі, які ви бажаєте віддати для новоприбулих українців, будь-ласка, повідомте нас.

      Якщо у вас є ідеї щодо цього проекту, ви можете зателефонувати до нас або написати нам на адресу або

Допомогти може кожен! о. Михайло - Парох.

Good Samaritan.

      We wish to welcome all parishioners and those who are visiting our church!

      We invite you to become registeredmembers of our parish; and hope you gain salvation through Jesus Christ,make good friends here, and that the church will become your second home. After the weekend Divine Liturgy, please join us each week for cake, coffee and friendship downstairs in the church hall.

      If you are in need of assistance of material goods, please contact Orysia Buchan Duplak (315) 882-2838 or Maryana Masna (315) 308-5422 and we will help find what you need.

      Dear parishioners, if you have any extra material goods you would like to donate to those new to the United States or others in need who are visiting or members of our parish, please contact Orysia or Maryana at the phone numbers listed above or at or We welcome your ideas on new community project as well, so please feel free to contact us with those ideas!

Your help is appreciated! Fr. Mykhaylo – Pastor.

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